Self-guided Renoir Walk


Follow in Renoir’s footsteps and appreciate the views that inspired his paintings. Five steel frames have been especially commissioned to echo the ornate frames Renoir chose for his own artworks, but with a contemporary twist. These frames allow viewers to stand in the exact spots where Renoir worked on his paintings, and to see Moulin Huet bay from exactly the same perspectives as the Frenchman did. 

QR codes on panels adjacent to the frames can be scanned with a smartphone, allowing walkers to listen to a fascinating audio guide conducted by Mr Cyrille Sciama, a world authority on Renoir and Art for Guernsey’s guest of honour for the inauguration of the walk. Download our Guide to take you along the route and even inspire you to produce your own piece of art!

The self-guided walk starts at Moulin Huet car park, a map can be downloaded from the website. The walk includes a number of steps and slopes.