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Medieval St Peter Port:
A tour around St Peter Port, seeing sights that many local people have never seen or noticed before. We see interesting buildings, quirky things and talk about local stories and Guernsey's journey through the course of time. I also share my own family's stories during the German Occupation - my grandfather was Hubert Lanyon, the G.U.N.S representative in Sark, my father was an evacuee and my mother remained in Sark throughout the occupation.

Walking in the Footsteps of Renoir and Victor Hugo:
This stunning walk takes in Renoir’s stay in the Summer of 1883
and Victor Hugo’s frequent visits to Moulin Huet. We also visit the
cottage Renoir painted in his famous masterpiece and where Hugo picnicked, and now privately owned by Korinne’s family.

Mysterious Streets of St Peter Port (an Evening Tour):
You will hear about various spooky happenings in St Peter Port, including the haunting of a boy who starved to death, a Nazi soldier, various phantoms and beasts, battle ghosts and visit the place where witches were burned at the stake.

Panzers Over Petit Bot:
A gentle ramble through the lanes of the oldest and most peaceful Canton of St Martins. Walking past beautiful old Guernsey farmhouses and cottages, who would have thought that within living memory, there were German tanks hidden in the valleys here?

Hidden Gems of Guernsey (Cobo):
A captivating tour of a few of Guernsey's hidden Gems, taking in the natural gem stones found here, as well as other hidden gems. You will hear about our volcanic past, how our rocks were formed and see genuine precious and semi-precious gem stones.

Ebenezer Le Page – Insights to a Guernseyman;
The amusing book “Ebeneezer Le Page” is the fictional autobiography of a Guernseyman, looking back on his life and changes the 20th Century had inflicted on his beloved island. We see the house where the author G.B. Edwards lived, as well as other family homes.
Starting point: Oatlands

The Wonders of L'Eree:
You will see a German bunker en route to Le Creuxs Faies, ancient Passage Tomb, and walk along part of a designated Ramsar site with wild flowers. You will also enjoy views of Lihou Island, the adjoining causeway and hear about fascinating local legends.

If you would like a tour, please contact me either via my movile, or by email.

I look forward to meeting you!