Grey Wolf is a 26-metre Functional Power Boat launched in New Zealand by Circa Marine in 2017.

A light and comfortable interior belies her serious pedigree and capabilities. Her smaller size and shallow draft allow Grey Wolf access to many bays and coves that larger vessels would be excluded from, giving guests a unique opportunity to visit some of the world’s last areas of pristine and untouched beauty.

A good selection of toys and equipment on board cover guests for a range of locations and activities including extreme sports, fishing, photography including Go Pros and a drone and wildlife watching. Grey Wolf is the ideal yacht for guests who want to experience a unique adventure, a yacht charter off the beaten track.

Why charter Grey Wolf? She has unparalleled access to remote bays and coves, provides the ultimate luxurious, private and adventure filled holiday and will capture it all with her varied selection of photography and video equipment.

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