Vintage Guernsey Brochures

21 Jan

It's great to look back at vintage design and fashion as it often provides inspiration. We have gone through the archives and found some fabulous brochure covers and posters. Common themes include sunshine, beach life and the inviting blue sea, which sums up a perfect summer. These days, we would also want to see our beautiful sister islands and showcase the wonderful diversity of the islands throughout all seasons. 

The oldest brochure cover is from 1953 but we do have some posters and artwork which are not dated, so if anyone has any idea on the dates and can help us solve the mystery please do get in touch.

We hope you enjoy looking at Guernsey's retro advertising!

Brochure cover from 1953


Brochure cover from 1955

Brochure cover from 1964

Brochure cover from  1965

Brochure cover from 1966

Brochure cover from 1969

Brochure cover from 1971

Mystery Brochures