Treasure Island the Clues!

26 Oct

Treasure Map Treasure Map

Guernsey with kids have put together some hints and tips to help you find the loot!

* Candie Gardens: The lower level is the place to be, look for treasure nestled at the foot of a tree.

* Dehus Dolmen: Duck when you enter this little cave, with hidden treasure just for the brave.

* Fort Hommet: The German defences the treasure does lay, with beautiful views to the side of the bay.

* Fort le Marchant: The treasure is captured behind rusty bars, those will be lucky who can reach far.

* Grandes Rocques Fort: Look for the concrete that did house a gun, the treasure awaits for loot swapping fun.

* Ivy Castle: Treasure is hiding inside the old walls, pushed into a ledge so it doesn’t fall.

* Saint’s Bay Fisherman’s Landing: Climb up the rigging as the treasure’s on high, but be careful on deck as you’re close to the sky.

* Saumarez Park: The pirate ship isn’t the home of the loot, find the tree that is sideways, the tree without root.

* St Saviours Reservoir: Don’t walk the plank on the fallen tree, it’s the littlest pine where the treasure will be.

* The Fairy Ring: The treasure lies East of the fairy home, tread carefully whilst looking for a dip in the stone.

* The Little Chapel: Follow the path and the treasure you’ll see, before you enter the chapel search low and leafy.

* Vale Castle: It’s up on the top deck your treasure awaits, you might need to duck unless you’re little shipmates.


Enjoy taking part in Treasure Island!

Treasure Map Treasure Map