The Clues! Goodbye 2020 Christmas Treasure Hunt

26 Dec

Treasure Hunt Treasure Hunt

Here's some clues to help you find the treasure boxes:

  • Le Guet – Down the hill amongst the pine, there’s a den near a rope swing and the treasure you’ll find.
  • Petit Bot – Stick near the wall and you won’t touch the sea, to the right in the rocks the treasure will be.
  • Jerbourg Point – Up the hill for the best of the view, see Herm, Sark and even Jersey too!
  • Beau Sejour Playground – Look for the climbing frame in the shape of a tree, nearby in the bushes the treasure you’ll see.
  • Delancey - It’s not in the play park or out on the field, think picnics and bushes and the treasure you’ll yield. Find the concrete square and you’re almost there!

Enjoy searching and good luck!